Australian public holiday questions answered

Australia has 7 national public holidays which are observed across the entire country, These holidays are New Years day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day In addition to these national holidays each state and territory observes a number of state public holidays such as Labour day and Queens birthday


Is Australia Day a public holiday this year?

Australia Day falls on a weekend this year, is it still a public holiday
Australia day is observed on the 26th of January every year and if it falls on a weekend
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Holiday Date
New Year's Day Sunday 01 January 2017
New Year's Day Holiday Monday 02 January 2017
Australia Day Thursday 26 January 2017
Labour Day (WA) Monday 06 March 2017
Canberra Day (ACT) Monday 13 March 2017
Good Friday Friday 14 April 2017
Easter Monday Monday 17 April 2017
Anzac Day Tuesday 25 April 2017
May Day (NT) Monday 01 May 2017
Western Australia Day (WA) Monday 05 June 2017
Queen's Birthday (Most regions) Monday 12 June 2017
Picnic Day (NT) Monday 07 August 2017
Family and Community Day (ACT) Monday 25 September 2017
Labour Day (Most Region) Monday 02 October 2017
Christmas Day Monday 25 December 2017
Boxing Day Tuesday 26 December 2017
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