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Tell us about the office supplies  you are looking for and we will work to find products that meet your needs. To get us started please  provide us with  information regarding  product specification ,  order quantity,  and your target price.  We can work with you to refine your requirements but  accurate and detailed information will give us the best chance of finding the product you  want.


The more details the better. What is it that you are looking for ? Do you want it customised or branded ?  How would you like it packaged ? .  If you can tell us what you want , what is important, what is not , and any other detail it will help us source the product you need.


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Let us know what quantity  of product you are looking to purchase  and  whether  you are likely to  re-order in the future.  Generally the larger the quantity to better the price. Shipping cost  per unit  is also reduced for larger orders.

Pricing / Budget

Let us know your target purchase price and what  you are buying this product for now.  This will help us establish if your requirements are achievable and ensure that we  find products which  fall within your available  budget.


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